Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bella Stitches

This is a picture of my stitchery samplers that will be available at SigVin when we open. Each is hand-stitched and placed in a vintage reproduction frame. I'll have many different styles and colors available. These stitcheries are one of my favorite items that I hope will bring a unique touch to Signature Vintage.

A huge snowstorm followed by massive thunderstorms has kept me pretty much closed in (might be developing cabin fever, lol). I had planned to have one of my antique market days yesterday and share the pics with you today, but traveling anywhere was impossible. It's been crazy! It was freezing and snowing, then it was spring temperatures followed by summer hurricane weather, lol. I do have to say that I love inclimate weather, love staying in and getting creative or just sitting with a blanket and a cup of coffee and just soaking it in. That is, however, when I don't have orders waiting to be brought to the post office and a million different errands to run, lol.

Hopefully, the weather will calm down enough today so that I can get my running done!! Have a beautiful day everyone!

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Adla said...

Hi, you have a beautoful blog..look forward to the opening of Sigvin :)