Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leaving Home

I wanted to share this new digital collage that I worked on tonight. I'll give you a little background ~ my six year old son wants to be a soldier. At first I thought it was a phase...but this started over a year ago. I'm more proud of him than I can say for being brave enough at the tender age of six to want to fight for our country. He listens intently when his great gpa tells him how he was shot in WWII and Vietnam, not even flinching as my granpa tells it like it was (he's not a beat around the bush type o' fellow, lol).

But, my mother's heart wonders what it will do if and when that time comes when he says......"Momma, I'm going to enlist." I can only pray that by that time, the world will be at peace. I made this collage with my motherly worries in mind and written across it is a letter I wrote to him. My favorite part of it is the words coming out of the chimney......what's yours?


Tracie said...

I love the part - I still see my baby.

No matter what in life happens, all we can do is let our children know we love them and support them in everything they do. This is not to say we should not inform them of our beliefs on what's happening where if it's during a time of service or not.

Our babys are always are babys even when we're 82 and they're 62!

Love your blog.

Tracie said...

P.S. I fully support our veterans!

Auntie Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am up too. I don't now if yu read enough to see that I also have a sweet little 6 yr old boy and 3 others the oldest 26.. He spent 5 yrs in the Navy. I thought my heart would break but, I was very proud of him. I missed him but I must say he matured and changed in ways that probably he wouldn't had he not had the military exprience..

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Missy Sue, you've been tagged! See my latest post on my blog for details!

By the way, amazing post & gorgeous collage!


Pea said...

OMG girl that is soooo beautiful. I have to own one of your beauty's someday.
Jake knew my dear from the time he was 2 he was gonna be a soldier just like his daddy. He went and sat in the cockpit of a plane and that was it. The mistress we call the plane had him. I am sooo very proud of him. He is a wonderful man and someone told me once that he is be cause I gave him love and direction to do what most can't. I too believe that you have that as well my dear friend.
Now go hug that little boy for me.

Shabbyfufu said...

Thank you for visiting me Missy Sue. I have not been to your blog before, and it's just lovely. Great digital collage too! ~Janet~

disa said...

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